Evaluation and geographical comparison of the impact of cardiovascular risk factors on population attributable fractions (PAFs) and lifetime risks (LTRs) to assess cardiovascular disease (CVD) burden globally.


Project leadThiess Lorenz

Approval date08.06.2022

Published date27.02.2024

SummaryThe classical cardiovascular risk factors relate to cardiovascular disease (CVD) burden and consecutively to global cardiovascular health. This analysis works out differences in distribution and impact of modifiable risk factors by geographical region to improve CVD prevention. To do so, cause-specific stratified Cox models for CVD and death before CVD as competing risk will be computed. Additionally, populations-attributable fractions will be calculated based on modifiable risk factors: high blood pressure, BMI, smoking, diabetes and high non-HDL cholesterol. Thus far we included 120 cohorts from 8 regions: Africa, Australia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East, North America, Central & South America, and Southeast Asia.

Keywords CVD cardiovascular-diseases epidemiology population-attributable-fractions risk-factors

InstitutionsUniversitäres Herz- und Gefäßzentrum Hamburg, Universitäres Herz- und Gefäßzentrum UKE Hamburg, Universitäres Herz & Gefäßzentrum Hamburg

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