Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Where do I contact you if I have a problem?

Please contact the indicated location on the Contact page. In the case of technical problems, the following information are important to us (if available): time of the error, transaction key, browser (+ version), feedback option.

I can not log in / forgot my password

Login problems can occur if the invitation has become invalid or the registration has not been completed. To solve this problem, go to 'Login' on the start page and in the following dialog box, click on 'Password lost / login problems' just below the login button. The e-mail sent for this purpose must be confirmed within two hours, after which it is no longer valid for security reasons.

How do I get blank / pre-application documents

Application forms can be generated (after a login) under the menu "my applications". In the table on the far right (Action column) there is a button with a Word icon.

I can not find transfer records to my request


  • Are you listed as Datenempfänger in the request?
  • Did you get an e-mail to the availability to your requested data?

Choose the desired request from "My Applications". When all requirements have been solved, then you will see the link "Data". All available files are listed there.

When can I expect the requested data for a quality assurance application?

  • Usually 4-6 months
  • Your institute requires a contract for the processing of orders with the NAKO e.V.
  • Possibly, not all requested data are prepared for publication, which can lead to a considerable delay

When can I expect the requested data of a use application for scientific evaluation?

  • We can not give any general information about this at this time, because a lot of data is not yet quality-assured for publication.

How to create a Nutzungsantrag zur Wissenschaftlichen Auswertung?

For us, the complete application process consists of several steps: - Step 1 - Tab Application This is where everything organisational concerning the application is noted. The selection of the co-applicants and data recipients, if necessary the declaration of an old application, if it is a follow-up application.

  • Step 2 - Tab Project This section should provide information on the planned study and the planned duration of the study in months.

  • Step 3 - Tab Data Here the study items and biosamples are selected from the data directory, which is a set of variables. The data for the variables in this set of variables will also be collected later. The study population editor can be used in conjunction with a set of variables to define suitable study populations using inclusion and exclusion criteria (e.g. test group, control group)

  • Step 4 Tab Biosamples This section should provide information on the planned analysis and the analytes to be measured. In order to use the available biosamples in a meaningful way, the quantities required for the analyses should also be listed. Thus, it can be determined internally how many aliquots have to be outsourced per study participant. Furthermore, it can be specified from which study population the biosamples should come and from which study wave. The delivery address must also include a contact person.